God has called every believer into a community of faith, as one body, with a great vision for the future. To register for a class, send your name, address, city, state, zip, and email to the corresponding email address below.


upcoming classes

discovery 101

Connecting People to our Story and Destiny

Discovery 101
connects you to The Rock Church and explains our purpose, values, and history, as well as our vision for the future. When taking this class, you will learn more about the church’s leadership and how we operate. You will also explore new opportunities to get involved in different ministries at the church. Discovery 101 is the launching pad into your Rock Church Experience.


catch the Vision

Meet Others Who Want to Share the Vision

discovery101As believers, we are called to invest our all in the privilege of serving others.  We've been challenged to make a difference with our one and only life as we impact the lives of others thorough ministry involvement.  Catch the Vision is a one-time meeting in the comfort of the Pastor's home.  This meeting provides you the opportunity to understand the Pastor's ministry burden and how to discover the perfect place for you to serve.

the journey

The Journey Starts Here

discovery101Every believer is called by God to a lifetime process of spiritual transformation.  The Journey is an experience designed to help you review the formation of your spiritual life and discover how to live out each day in the power of the Spirit.  You will explore the challenges facing you on your spiritual journey and learn how to handle them by strengthening your relationship with God. 

Space is limited for each class. You will receive confirmation regarding your registration.  Additional dates will be added if necessary.