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“Death no stranger to the Steel City” read one newspaper headline in June 2007. At this point, Pastor Phil Endris gained a new perspective about his calling to Gary, IN. “What difference does it make if I tell people about the love of Jesus, if after service they must return to their run-down apartments with little or no food to eat and a minimum wage job that offers no hope of a better tomorrow? It’s this sense of hopelessness that leads to the violence and crime that have tormented Gary for too long.”

Thus began the mission known as REACH. REACH is a community based program that is designed to connect people with resources and knowledge to help them learn how to improve their life’s situations and regain hope about their futures.

In this inaugural year, the program includes free breakfasts and lunches for the community; children’s and youth activities that provide positive alternatives in which young people can participate; free community seminars about home ownership, effective discipline, and safe and drug-free schools; and a nightly service that reiterates the message that change is possible.

As its name implies, the message and purpose of REACH needs to penetrate homes everywhere. REACH will become Urban REACH with program sites in every major metropolitan area that is afflicted with crime and despair. Through this program, community leaders will be able to unite for the purpose of effecting positive change in the lives of their constituents."

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