Helping People

Life In Focus

A Faith-Based Community Service Program

"Bringing Life in Focus one lesson at a time."

Life in Focus offers faith-based community services to people in need; regardless of language, status, or culture. Through the efforts of a host of dedicated, trained men and women, an effective program of seminars, one-on-one teaching, and support groups are helping to rebuild our communities, one person at a time.

Alcohol & Drug Education

The alcohol and drug education program (A.C.T.S. -- Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series) is a curriculum based twelve week program that offers a holistic approach that encompasses the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of any individual of a family. Each lesson contains educational information covering the physical, psychological, and emotional changes associated with alcohol or chemical abuses. A visual illustration to enhance the structure of the lesson to enhance the education and understanding of each class participant. The participant in turn will be able to relate the lessons into problem solving areas of their own lives.

Curriculum based, A.C.T.S. offers a holistic approach that encompasses the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects on an individual or family. The knowledge obtained through A.C.T.S. can help to heal the pain of dysfunctional relationships associated with alcohol & chemical abuses.

The 12-week course includes but is not limited to assistance with the following addictions: alcohol, cocaine, crack, marijuana, narcotics, inhalants, designer drugs, hallucinogens, PCP, barbiturates, stimulates, alcohol and drug dependence.

A.C.T.S. Benefits & Advantages:

  • A.C.T.S. stresses the importance of the participant accepting responsibility for a successful recovery, and reinforces a positive character development.
  • A.C.T.S. diffuses many possible problem areas and often prevents costly loss of property and lives.
  • A.C.T.S. is a community based substance abuse program, brought to you through the efforts of concerned and certified instructors. These instructors come from all walks of life, and have made themselves available to fight in the war against alcohol & chemical abuses in your community.
  • Upon request A.C.T.S. can assist in probation requirements and provide participants progress reports to state or federal agencies.
  • A.C.T.S. can assist the school system with delinquency and detention requirements.
  • A.C.T.S. provides support group settings for participants and their families.
  • A.C.T.S. reinforces positive character development and strengthens any after care effort.


Employment Development

Students complete job applications, prepare resumes, and practice interviewing skills during this twelve-hour course. The student is also exposed to personal development skills with emphasis on proper dress and appearance.


Anger Management

In a classroom setting using a curriculum based workbook, we explore the cause and effect of anger. The workbook will lead the participant through a journey of themselves, their family, and others while providing skills and techniques to control anger and use it in a constructive and creative manner.


Computer Training

Students attend twelve hours of classroom education that includes hands-on time at the computer. This class covers a spectrum of topics from basic computer components to working in Windows environments. In today's generation of technology and its use of computers, these skills are vital to enter into the job market of today and the future.


Parenting Skills

An interactive curriculum based support setting that takes an emphasis on how to take an active role in raising children by meeting the child's physical, emotional, and mental needs.


Finance Management

Involvement in this twelve-hour course teaches the student how to open a checking account and gives the student an opportunity to learn how to prepare a budget. They also learn to write checks, the proper use of ATM and credit cards, and how to reconcile their check register against a bank statement. How to apply for a loan, interest rates, and the importance of learning to live within their means is also an integral part of this class.


Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program represents an on-going process designed to link positive role models with incarcerated individuals and their family members. This program helps to provide positive input for the incarcerated person, as well as for their family members on the outside, whose unique problems and needs are often overlooked by the system. Correctional institutions, project coordinators, and persons who nd persons who have received assistance in the past make referrals to this program.


Health Education

During this twelve-hour course the student is educated on personal hygiene immunizations, AIDS, HIV, and sexually transmitted diseases. In these classes, the student has the opportunity to learn proper grooming habits, health and safety issues, and the proper treatment of illnesses. They are also instructed as to when to seek professional medical help.


Relationship Building

During this twelve-hour workshop, the student is exposed to the elements required to build positive family relationships. By utilizing open discussions, the various facets of positive relationships are acquired. Other topics include domestic violence, work place conflict and positive parenting skills.


Families in Transition

The Families in Transition program is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for the hurting families. Families who are in transition receive individual and group care from a combination of peers and spiritual counselors. A Care Team ell referrals, develops a specialized Care Plan including food, lodging, and counseling to families coming to the Families in Transition program.